An efficient photovoltaic system is our environmentally clean source of energy. We installed one solar electric system with 357 panels that delivers 82kW of electrical power and one rooftop solar system that delivers another 8kW . This photovoltaic system makes us electrically self-sufficient. Foreseeing an extension of our activity we are already planning to add a third solar system that will deliver an extra 25kW and will allows to keep us self-sufficient.

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We use the biomass from walnuts shelling and tree pruning as fuel for our heating system.  And we use our heating system for the drying process.  The boiler never  stops working and it only uses material coming from our own farm. We will all benefit from the production of refuse-derived energy. Thanks to  UNICONFORT we devoleped the first walnut shell boiler. We are so proud of it.  


I In 2016 we added 16 hectares of walnut grove to the 24 hectares already existing. We now have more than 40 hectares of green  area that represents an important green lung for our city.

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