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Aged nocino made with walnuts from our farm. Walnuts are traditionally harvested during the day of St. John on June 24th, when they are still green and with the hulls. Simplicity distinguishes this full-bodied and rich nocino.


42% Vol


Hydroalcoholic green walnuts infusion, sugar.


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Cantucci Cookies with walnut

Traditional cookies from Tuscany made with walnut’s kernels instead of almonds. The result is a crispy cookie best eaten as is or dipped.

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This homemade walnut pie with walnuts and caramel is the house specialty. The quality of the ingredients and the fragrance of the shortbread enhance the typical sweetness of the Lara walnuts. The soft caramel makes it a must in winter. To enjoy with a dessert wine.

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Chocolate dipped Green Candied walnuts

Crisp and dark chocolate covers the delicate fragrance of the green walnut. A tasty product distinguished by the harmony of two flavors: the sweet candied walnut and the bitter dark chocolate. To be consumed as is at the end of a meal or anytime as a special treat.