The Valier family

has been taking care of the estate for the last five centuries. Generation after generation the goal has been to reconcile and integrate the needs of man's work with the rhythm of nature. In all these years filled with challenges and passion we always strived for a product of the highest quality and the respect of the environment. Today our commitment is still the same.


Owners since 1484, a time when Venetian families were expanding on the mainland and the discovery of America. 

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The entire framework is called into question. An important leveling, drainage and irrigation plan relaunches the activity.


We introduced the first walnut grove in Italy (Lara variety) with the highest international standards.

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We launched our first store, a shop located on our farm, in order to get a more direct contact and exchange with our clients and with people interested in our products and story.


We started creating new products based on the fruit we learned to know so well, passing from a monoculture to twenty different products: all you never expected from a walnut.

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A brand new in-house processing system allows us to harvest and process our walnuts in a single day increasing the product's quality. The same year we install a shelling system.


The walnut grove gets bigger with six-thousand new plants (Lara and Chandler variety) for a total of forty hectares. Our machinery and infrastructure grows along and we build a new stocking shed with different temperature ranges.

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