Tulare Walnuts

Tulare Walnuts

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The Tulare variety has a stronger taste compared to other varieties. It's known for having a heart-shaped kernel and a soft shell that can be easily opened by hand. The kernel is lightly colored and splits in halves. Like all our walnuts, the Tulare walnuts are washed only with water without chemical bleaching. Walnuts are to be stored in a cool and dry place, but do not deteriorate with thermal cycling. For this reason, if warmer weather is approaching or they need to be stored for a longer period, walnuts can be frozen without problems. 


Per 100g: calories 674kcal-2820kJ, fat 64g (of which saturates 5,2g), carbohydrate 6,3g, sugar 3,9g, protein 16g, salt 0g.